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Manifest What You Want to Be, Do and Have

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of The Law of Attraction – you may have stumbled upon it or maybe you were introduced to it through the book and movie The Secret. The movie featured many people, including Jack Canfield, who wrote The Success Principles. In this book, Jack shares numerous examples of how he manifested his goals and dreams living The Law of Attraction, and many of the success principles are closely aligned with the laws. Back in 2004, my sister gave me an amazing book called Ask and It Is Given – Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham). Much like The Success Principles, I try to read this book every year. Success Principle 6 is Use The Law of Attraction. After you’ve decided what you want to BE, DO and HAVE, you can use The Law of Attraction to help manifest these wonderful things into your life!

What is it?

The Law of Attraction is one of twelve universal laws that’s been around for thousands of years. Here are a few ways it’s explained:

  • “What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about.” (The Success Principles)
  • “that which is like unto itself is drawn” (Abraham-Hicks)
  • “like attracts like

Understanding and applying this universal law can enhance your mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Everything is energy

I’d have to say that science was one of my least favorite subjects in school (second only to math!), but I learned that physical and nonphysical objects are energy. Atomic particles combine with other matter to create physical objects. Thoughts and brain waves – the nonphysical – interact with physical reality all the time. Remember the time you were thinking about your friend and she called you? You probably said to her “I was just thinking about you!” The good news is that you can use your thoughts to focus on and manifest positive things into your reality, but the flip side is also true. If you focus on something negative, you can manifest this into your life as well.

…another story

You knew this was coming, right?
In 1971, an experiment was conducted by Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut on the Apollo 14 mission. The experiment was transmitting messages telepathically from the moon to the Earth between four people. Three out of four received correct messages. One of the recipients who lived in Chicago was named Olof Jonsson. Mitchell pre-arranged with Jonsson to connect with him at a specific time. From his space capsule, Mitchell then displayed cards one at a time with the symbols of a cross, a star, a wave, a circle and a square. Jonsson focused to imagine Mitchell’s cards from the distance of 250,000 miles away and he successfully relayed each symbol and in the order Mitchell displayed them. I’m sure you’ve heard other stories illustrating the incredible power of the mind!

Science class continues….

Beyond the transmission of thought, scientists advanced to studying bio-entanglement physics, which is harnessing connections of energy to deliver the results you desire into your physical reality.

Scientists teach us that everything on and including the Earth is vibrating at a unique frequency, specific to the person or object. Everything is constantly vibrating. The vibrational frequency of the Earth is impacted by such events as extreme weather, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. One can assume that raising, lowering and matching vibrational frequencies with people and experiences is within our capabilities. The Law of Attraction states that you have the ability to align yourself vibrationally and thus attract anything that you desire through practiced, deliberate thought. The process for manifesting what you want in your life is ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE.

ASK – Step One

Have you heard the saying “thoughts are things”? It’s true! When you’re thinking about something, reading something, speaking about something and focusing on something, it’s all going out into the universe in the form of a request. Think about the last television show or movie you watched, the last book or magazine you read – most of this you do without deliberate thought, but it’s still going out to the universe.

I hope you remember “no blaming, complaining or excuses” from Success Principle 1 Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life. Criticizing, complaining, worrying, blaming and judging are all sending negative requests to the universe. All the more reason to stop doing them – or at least do them less!

What you focus on and give your energy and attention to – both wanted and unwanted – will be attracted into your life through The Law of Attraction, so you need to be more deliberate about your thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings have vibrational frequencies, and because “like attracts like” in The Law of Attraction, the universe gives you more of the same vibration of what you’re thinking and feeling. More often than not, you’re unaware of your vibrational offering. You’re responding unconsciously to your life events. Responding unconsciously, versus deliberately thinking about what you want, can cause you to remain stuck because if you’re thinking or feeling negatively, The Law of Attraction will give you more of that. When you’re excited, enthusiastic, happy, joyful, appreciative and grateful your vibrational offering is positive and you’ll attract more of this. Did you know that your current situation and life is a result of your previous thoughts and vibrations? The best part is that you can make changes TODAY to positively impact your thoughts and vibrations, and live the life of your dreams.

Create your future INTENTIONALLY

In Success Principle 3, Decide What You Want, you created lists of what you want to be, do, and have. Deciding what you want to be, do and have is the first step – then you begin to intentionally offer these thoughts to the universe. After intentionally offering your thoughts, you’ll want to practice the feeling of already having achieved your goal. Practice feeling the excitement and joy of having achieved what you want. Focus on what you DO want (not what you don’t want). Talk about things the way you want them to be, not the way they currently are, because discussing your current reality will give you more of that. Having a positive outlook, using affirmations and expecting good things to come is like “asking” the universe. These actions increase your vibrational frequency. Negative thoughts arise just as you’re exposed to negativity through the media and interactions with others. As often as possible, replace negative thoughts with thoughts, emotions and feelings of what you DO want. Consciously and deliberately decide what you want to think about, focus your attention on it, and then use mindfulness and meditation to enhance your ability to create what you want. You don’t need to worry about HOW you’re going to get what you want – the universe aligns everything you need (people, money, resources) to help you achieve your desired goals and results.

BELIEVE – Step Two

When you believe what you want to be, do and have is coming, you hold a positive expectancy and a conviction that it’ll happen no matter what. Anyone holding onto limiting beliefs of not being good enough or deserving enough must eliminate these beliefs to allow positive things like happiness and abundance to flow into their lives. Focus your thoughts on being deserving, worthy, capable, good enough, strong enough and smart enough.

It’s not enough to just believe you’ll get what you want. You must take action. When you take action, you’re affirming your belief that what you want is possible. Actions are categorized as obvious and inspired. If you want to learn to play the guitar, it’s not enough to have the “want”. You must buy a guitar, possibly some sheet music and a music stand, and take lessons. These actions are obvious to you. Inspired actions usually come from your inner guidance or intuition. You get the thought or feeling that you need to do something, like reach out to a specific person. Use The Law of Attraction by asking the universe for what you want, believing and then taking action may produce inspired ideas – which you should then act upon quickly to take advantage of the vibrational energy.

RECEIVE – Step Three

In science class, you learned that things on Earth vibrate at different frequencies. To receive something you want, you must become a “vibrational match” so that you can attract it into your life. Remember that like attracts like, so to have an abundant and prosperous life, you must think and feel abundant and prosperous. During your day, focus on the positive emotions such as gratitude, appreciation, love and joy, and this will help you come into vibrational alignment. What does it feel like to already have what you want? Practice this feeling. Since your thoughts create your feelings, remember to release negative thoughts and emotions as quickly as you’re able and replace them with a thought that feels better. If the habit of choosing inspirational, motivational and empowering thoughts is new to you, know that you can develop it with practice and intention.

Affirmations = Vibrational Match

Affirmations are another helpful tool to help you create a match vibrationally with what you want. An affirmation states in the present your goal or “want” as actualized. Ideally, these are short statements that you memorize and repeat throughout your day so they’re embedded into your subconscious. When you state what you want in an affirmation, visualize it and then feel the feelings and emotions as if your goal/dream/desire is already complete, you’ll increase your vibration. Ideally, you will create an affirmation for each goal you set. “I am so happy and grateful to be effortlessly depositing $10,000 each month into my bank account” or “I am so happy and grateful to be at my ideal body weight of 150 lbs.”

Appreciation & Gratitude = Vibrational Match

Appreciation and gratitude are powerful feelings and they can help you manifest more quickly. In the example earlier about feeling the emotions of having already achieved your goal or desire, you may have also felt appreciation and gratitude for having achieved it. Try to spend at least 5 minutes each day focused on what you appreciate. You can also write in a gratitude journal to capture your thoughts. Some people add appreciation and gratitude to their meditation practice.

To get good at anything, you need to practice, right? The same is true with The Law of Attraction. You need to practice the different pieces and parts of it – starting with your thinking. Think positively as often as possible, and when negative thoughts or situations arise, try to move off or away as quickly as possible. Once you’ve decided what you want to be, do and have, you’ll ASK by offering your thoughts intentionally to the universe. Next you’ll BELIEVE by positively expecting what you want to manifest, and you’ll also take action, both obvious, and then inspired when it arises. To RECEIVE what you want, you’ll get into vibrational alignment with positive emotions and feelings such as appreciation and gratitude. You can also use affirmations and visualization to fill your subconscious with positive thoughts, images and emotions, as if you’ve already achieved your goal or dream.

I’m fortunate to have learned about The Law of Attraction and I’ve manifested some amazing things in my life – jobs, relationships, places to live. Having said this, I’m also aware of times in my life when I’ve been out of vibrational alignment and the effect on my desired outcomes. The good news is that you can press the reset button any time by focusing on what you DO want and by telling a different story – tell the story of how you WANT things to be.

What have YOU manifested in your life using The Law of Attraction?
Please share in the comments!

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